Indian Pharma Market April 2015 Update

Positive momentum has continued in the first month of the new financial year. Industry again clocked high double digit growth rate of more than 17%. A very strong performance compared to the growth achieved in April last year, which was just above 7%. Market has now seen continuous double digit growth rate for last six months.
Key Insights for April 2015
1.         The market achieved the growth rate of 17.2% in the previous month
2.         Market crossed Rs. 8000 crore milestone for the first time in the April 2015. A historical first. Over April 2014, it is an addition of Rs. 1179 crore value. While the market took 24 months to move from Rs. 6000 crore to Rs. 7000 crore, whereas it has taken just 9 months to cross Rs. 8000 crore mark.
3.         For April month, growth drivers were - 8.8% growth on account of Volumes, 5.2% growth on account of Price Increase and 3.2% growth on account of New Introductions. In April 2014, Volume growth was just 0.3% and Price Increase growth was just 1.7%.
4.         For the running latest quarter, growth was 18.7%, while for the corresponding  quarter last year it was 6.9%.

Major Highlights for Month of April 2015 (based on AIOCD PharmaTrac Data)
April Month Highlights
1.         Market clocked Rs. 8047 crore sales in the previous month
2.         Growth was 17.2%
1.         In the previous month, amongst the top 10, Cipla had the fastest growth at 25.1%, followed by Macleods at 18.9% & Sun at 18.4%
2.         Amongst top 50 Corporates, 26 grew faster than the market growth rate and 41 Corporates had double digit growth rate
3.         Akumentis was the fastest growing Corporate among the top 50 with 38.2% growth, followed by Allergan at 35.5% & MSD at 34.9 %
4.         Amongst the 11-20 ranked Corporates, Glenmark had the highest growth of 30.1%, followed by Torrent at 28.7% & Aristo at 26.9%
5.         Amongst the 40-50 ranked Corporates, Allergan had the highest growth at 35.5%,followed by Albert David at 34.2% & Hetero at 27.2%
6.         Amongst the 51-60 ranked Corporates, Centaur grew at 44.7%, followed by Eli Lilly at 42.3% & Troikaa at 40.0%
7.         Amongst the 61-70 ranked Corporates, Fresenius Kabi grew by 65.6% followed by Boehringer grew at 86.2% and Serdia at 31.9%
8.         Torrent crossed Rs. 2000 crore mark, JBCPL & Akumentis entered Rs 500 crore bracket, BI entered Rs. 200 crore slot, and Dr John’s Rs. 50 crore mark on April MAT 2015 basis
Indian V/S MNCs
1.         Both grew at nearly a similar growth rate - Indian companies growth was 17.1% versus 17.5% for MNCs
2.         Amongst the top 50 MNCs, Allergan grew by 35.5%, followed by MSD at 34.9% & Merck at 30.6%
3.         Even in Non-NLEM segment, both grew at a similar rate - Indian Companies grew by 18.3% whereas MNCs grew by 18.8%
DPCO, Non DPCO & Non-Scheduled Para 19 Market
1.         The DPCO containing molecules market segment grew at 11.1 % whereas the non DPCO market grew by 18.4%  & Non-Sch. Para 19 Market at 11.9% resulting in an overall growth of 17.2% for April 2015
2.         NLEM & Non-NLEM Category had unit growth at 5.3% and 9.6% respectively. The Non-Sch Para 19 Market had 9.6% units growth
3.         The DPCO 2013  portfolio for Pfizer grew at 16.7%, Ranbaxy 17.3%, GSK at 12.2% & Abbott 13.5%

1.         8 therapies grew faster than the market growth
2.         Respiratory Market grew at 17.8%, Gastrointestinal market grew at 20.3%, Pain & Analgesics market grew at 15.4% whereas Anti-infectives grew at 12.8%
3.         In chronic segment, Anti-diabetic market grew at 25.8% & Cardiac at 16.2%
4.         Derma market grew by 22.2% & Urology Market at 28.5%
Regional Dynamics
1.         14 regions outpaced the overall market growth
2.         North AP had the highest growth at 31.1%, followed by Jharkhand at 27.8% & South AP at 25.2%
3.         1 region had negative growth in April 2015
1.         Amoxycillin + Clavulanic Acid Market grew at 16.7% whereas Glimepiride + Metformin grew at 15.9% and placed at No 2 position
2.         The markets of Paracetamol grew at 18.9%, Atorvastatin 12.7%, Probiotic Microbes at 12.2%, Cefixime 19.2%, Pantoprazole 22.7%, Montelukast + Levocetrizine at 25.3%, Glimepiride + Metformin + Pioglitazone at 19.6%, Vitamin-D at 35.9%, Hydroquinone + Mometasone + Tretinoin at 16.4%, Voglibose + Metformin + Glimepiride at 58.1%, Rosuvastatin at 21.4%, Protein Supplements at 20.2%, Azithromycin at 14.4%
1.         Glycomet – GP became the No 1 brand for Apr-15 with a value of Rs. 29.53 crore and and growth of 18.6%. On MAT basis, it value was Rs. 299 crore
2.         Lantus grew at 37.3%, Monocef at 36.6%, Glycomet-GP grew at 33.3%, Dexorange at 34.7%, Augmentin at 29.7% and Becosules at 29.1% amongst the top 10 brands
3.         Few other brands that gained ranks include Pentaxim (+1312), Janumet (+71),  Betnovate –C (+60),  Januvia (+58), Shelcal (+57), Panderm Plus (+49), Istamet (+35), Clexane (+31), Spasmo Proxyvon Plus (+29), Magnex (+28), Huminsulin (+26), Pantocid D SR (+25), Dolo (+22), Omez (+17), Zifi (+11), Zoryl –M (+10), Rhoclone (+9), Orofer – XT (+8), Storvas (+8), amongst top 100 Brands over Apr -14
New Launches in IPM
1.         Total 162 brands & 300 SKUs were launched in the previous month
2.         Top New Brands for April were Sovihep, Eliquis & Revital-H

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