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Issue Date:17 January 2017     Price in Rs. R 6500    Price in USD. $ 100

It’s no doubt the buzziest brand in India with-in healthcare domain. It has attracted nearly $ 125mn investment at a valuation of eye-popping number of $ 500mn from multiple marquee investors. But does it have strong business drivers, has it created value for all its stakeholders, what is the current update for Practo, both business wise and financially. This company report analyses Practo in detail.

Practo essentially has three broad target segments – patients, doctors, institutions (pharma companies, insurance and diagnostics).

To patients it offers three services – ‘find a doctor’, ‘book an appointment’, and ‘manage your health records’

To doctors its value proposition is – ‘manage your practice’, ‘get more patients’ and ‘deliver great patient experience’

And finally to institutions, its promise is ‘provide access to healthcare data’, ‘provide access to doctors’ and ‘provide access to patients’


  1. Traffic & Appointment Growth
  2. Traffic Details - City Wise and Doctor Specialty Wise
  3. Repeat Users
  4. Traffic in Singapore
  5. Quality of Profiles
  6. Web v/s Mobile Share
  7. Impact on No. of Appointments for Practo Ads Customers
  8. Patient Health Account
  9. Practice Management Software Traction
  10. Practo Product Adoption
  11. EMR Adoption
  12. Practo Tab Usage Details
  13. Financial Details
  1. Business Tables & Charts
  2. Financial Tables & Charts
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