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Incorporated in 1991, Cadila actually started its pharma existence in 1951, founded in Ahmedabad, Gujarat by two friends - Mr. Indravadan A. Modi and Mr. Raman Patel.

In 1995 the company was restructured into two separate companies. These were Cadila Pharmaceuticals to be managed by Mr. Indravadan Modi and Cadila Healthcare which went to his erstwhile partner Mr. Raman Patel.  The latter went on to list and has done much better than Cadila Pharma, and is now around 6x the size of Cadila Pharma.

Dr. Rajiv Modi, son of Mr. Indravadan Modi is the current chairman and managing director of Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited

In 2016, Cadila was ranked 30th in the Indian formulation market, with annual sales of Rs 720 crore (estimate by AIOCD). It had a 0.7% share of the domestic pharma market. A similar figure comes from export turnover.

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