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Issue Date:31 January 2017     Price in Rs. R 6500    Price in USD. $ 100

Agrocel Industries Limited is a closely-held limited company comprising two divisions: Marine Chemicals Division and Agri-Service Division.


Set up in 1988, the Agri Service division is focused on providing service to farmers by promoting sustainable agriculture through capacity building, knowledge and skill transfer in areas like organic and Fairtrade movements. The division operates 20 Agri-Service Centres located in 7 Indian states that attend to 45,000 farmers. The Division has the distinction of being the first Indian supplier of Fairtrade certified raisins. Another first is Fairtrade basmati rice which the Division grows in Khaital district in the state of Haryana in northern India.


Marine Chemicals Division was set up in 1994. It focuses on manufacture and export of bromine and bromine-based speciality and fine chemicals. It has a full–fledged industrial complex right in the heart of the Greater Rann salt desert, in Gujarat.


Agrocel’s business is highly profitable. For FY16, the company reported net profit of Rs 236m on revenues of Rs 1.5B.


Agrocel is a part of the Shroff Group of Companies which includes Excel Industries Limited, Excel Crop Care Limited, Transpek Industries Limited, TML Industries and Hyderabad Chemicals Limited.

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