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Issue Date:19 February 2017     Price in Rs. R 6500    Price in USD. $ 100

East India Pharmaceutical Works Limited is one of the oldest pharma company in India. At one point of time, it had a good corporate brand equity and was one of the leading pharma company in India.

Company has two manufacturing facilities, both in West Bengal, and has more than 1400 employees. Two well-known brands from the company are Vitazyme (digestive enzyme) and Tonoferon (iron supplements). Together these two brands constitute 50% of the revenue in the domestic market. Both these brands enjoy very good doctor and trade equity. Brand value of only these two brands could be more than the overall revenue of the company.

In 2016, company had a total revenue of Rs. 148.7 crore with Rs. 11.3 crore of operating profit. With interest being Rs. 4.9 crore and depreciation at Rs. 1.4 crore, company had a PBT of Rs. 4.9 crore. While PAT for the company in 2016 was Rs. 3.6 crore.

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East India Pharmaceutical Works Limited