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In the domestic market, Intas is among the top 10 Corporate with 2.85% market share, and the 4th largest in the Chronic Pharma Maket with a market share of 5.32%. It has presence in cardiovascular system (CVS), diabetology, gynecology, infertility, respiratory care, gastroenterology, pain management as well as other therapeutic segments.

Besides rapidly growing domestic formulation business, company also has a good presence in the international market with presence in more than 70 countries with strong sales, marketing and distribution infrastructure. Its presence across all major territories like North America, Europe, Central & Latin America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific as well as CIS and MENA countries.

The domestic business contributes to about 50% of the total revenue. The current emphasis is on Central Nervous System (CNS), Cardiovascular, Diabetology, Gastroenterology, Urology and Pain Management therapies. While Intas enjoys leadership status (2nd) in the CNS segment, it also has presence in Dermatology, Gynecology and Respiratory segments.

In India, company has 33 sales depots, 4100 stockists. Sales force of more than 3000 covers more than 150,000 doctors including specialists from different therapy areas.

Intas’ has equally strong R&D capabilities with a strong pool of more than 400 scientists across the globe, coupled with cutting edge technology platform. This prowess has enabled the company to have a niche but strong product portfolio of 11 commercialized products, 8 rDNA products including 1 monoclonal antibody, and 3 plasma derived products. In addition the company has more than 10 new products in the pipeline.

With nine formulation manufacturing facilities, company ahs a strong manufacturing set-up. Seven plants are located in India, and the remaining two are in the U.K. and Mexico. In addition, company also operates two API and intermediate manufacturing facilities, each of which has full regulatory compliance in the country they cater to. Between them, these facilities have received approvals from various prominent international regulatory bodies, including USFDA.

R & D is the key growth driver for the company. Its continuous R & D initiatives have strengthened its product basket with niche and complex products. Intas is extensively working on Para IV and 505 (b) 2 products for USA market and few products are already filed with USFDA. Company targets to file 5 Para IV applications in the US market each year. The company is also working on New Chemical Entity (NCE’s) targeting cancer and neurodegenerative diseases such as bipolar disorder.

As of April 2017, Intas domestic formulation revenue was Rs. 3071 crore with 2.85% maket share. Among its top 5 selling brands are Zoryl (anti-diabetic), Levera (Anti-Epileptics), Lipisure (Statin), Ceftas (Anti-Biotics), Valprol (Anti-Epileptics)

For the FY16, company financial perofrmance has been quite good. It had a net sales of more than Rs. 5600 crore with operating profit of nearly Rs. 1590 crore. With low interest burden of only Rs. 18 crore and moderate depreciation of Rs. 240 crore, PBT of the company was Rs. 1349 crore. Company PAT was Rs. 1072 crore. Total debt of the company was only Rs. 429 crore.

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