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Issue Date:30 May 2017     Price in Rs. R 6500    Price in USD. $ 100

Star Agriwarehousing And Collateral Management Limited (StarAgri) was incorporated on 18 April 2006. It is headquartered at Jaipur. It has emerged as a leader in agri warehousing and other post-harvest services space. StarAgri offers storage and preservation and collateral management services for agri commodities along with allied services such as pest management, testing & certification and also procurement of agri commodities. It  has a network of 800+ warehouses across 16 states and over 1.5 million tonnes of warehousing capacity. Besides its own warehouses, it also has close to 2000 third party field warehouses where StarAgri only provides collateral management services.



The company has several subsidiaries now:

  1. Star Agrilogistics Pvt Ltd (SALPL)
  2. Star Agriinfrastructure Pvt Ltd (SAIPL)
  3. Star Agri Finance Ltd (SAFL)
  4. Farmers Fortune (Inda) Pvt Ltd (FFIPL)
  5. Bundi Agrimarketing Yard Pvt Ltd (BAYPL)
  6. Bikaner Agrimarketing Pvt Ltd. (BAPL)


Of these, SAIPL, SAFL and FFIPL are large in their own right. Invested capital is these are: Rs 117.5m for SAIPL, Rs 509.2m in SAFL, and Rs 201m in FFIPL.  SAIPL is in the business of setting up warehouses. SAFL mainly provides agricultural LAP and WHR (warehouse receipt). FFIPL undertakes the procurement activity for private entities whereby it procures commodities as per the contract entered into with them.


The company is promoted by Mr. Suresh Goyal, Mr. Amit Goyal, Mr. Amit Khandelwal and Mr. Amit Agarwal. The four are directors of the company, alongwith Girish Dinanath Nadkarni, Chandrashekhar Guruswamy Aiyar, Yoginder Kumar Alagh and Mohit Naresh Bhandari. Girsh and Mohit are nominee directos, while YK Alagh is an independent director.


The company has external investors: Malaysian fund Temasek and Indian fund IDFC. As on March 31, 2016 Temasek/IDFC collectively holds 47.48% in the company (Temasek 24.96%; IDFC: 22.52%).


For the year ended Mar’16, StarAgri reported revenue of Rs 7.8B, and a loss of Rs -212m. While the company has grown well, its profitability seems to be floundering. Its business risk has also increased since it went into direct procurement on its own books.

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  • Star Agriwarehousing And Collateral Management Limited
  • Star Agrilogistics Pvt Ltd (SALPL)
  • Star Agriinfrastructure Pvt Ltd (SAIPL)
  • Star Agri Finance Ltd (SAFL)
  • Farmers Fortune (Inda) Pvt Ltd (FFIPL)
  • Bundi Agrimarketing Yard Pvt Ltd (BAYPL)
  • Bikaner Agrimarketing Pvt Ltd. (BAPL)