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BD is a global medical technology company, that is focused on improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care, and thus advancing the world of health. It focusses on patient and health worker safety and develops technologies that enable medical research and clinical laboratories. The company provides innovative solutions that help advance medical research and genomics, enhance the diagnosis of infectious disease and cancer, improve medication management, promote infection prevention, equip surgical and interventional procedures and support the management of diabetes.

BD in India

BD India Pvt. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of BD Global, has a world-class manufacturing plant in Haryana that has a capacity to manufacture over a billion medical devices of Class II and IIa disposable needles and syringes. Company which has a presence in 150 towns of India, is looking forward to have its presence in over 750 towns soon. With increasing healthcare costs, company is looking to operate in tier-2-3 cities and engage closely with hospitals with less than 100 beds

Company is consistently looking at launching new and innovative products in India. Recently, it introduced a malaria detection method developed by Israel’s Sight Diagnostics Ltd (SightDX), which will make a diagnosis in just in four minutes. The SightDX platform uses combines innovative software algorithms, specialized optics and a quicker sample preparation method. The instrument automatically analyses the sample and provides a diagnostic result within four minutes.

Similarly, BD is in the process of developing a new device – Odon – an innovative new obstetrical instrument for assisting the delivery of newborns during troublesome labour. “The product is undergoing clinical trials and is expected to be out by 2017-18.

BD Product Segments

BD Medical

  1. Diabetes Care
  2. Medication Management Solutions
  3. Medication & Procedural Solutions
  4. Pharmaceutical Systems

BD Life Sciences

  1. Biosciences
  2. Diagnostic Systems
  3. Preanalytical Systems

Few Products Range

  1. BD Biosciences - Pharmingen (including products from Transduction Laboratories)
  2. BD Diagnostics Segment - Blood & Urine Collection Products/Preanalytical Systems
  3. Blood Specimen Collection - Arterial Blood (Critical Care Syringes), Critical Care Syringes (Heparinised syringes for ABG, etc.)
  4. Blood Specimen Collection - Capillary Blood (BD Microtainer® Tubes, Lancets and Accessories), BD Microtainer® Tubes, Lancets and Accessories
  5. Blood Specimen Collection - Venous Blood (BD Vacutainer® Tubes, Needles and Accessories)
  6. Coagulation Tubes (BD Vacutainer® Tubes with Buffered Na. Citrate)
  7. Core Microbiology - BD BBL™ & BD Difco™ Products
  8. Growth Microbiology - BD Bactec™ MGIT™ 960, BD Bactec™ 9050 Blood Culture System, BD Bactec™ 9120 Blood Culture System, BD Phoenix™ ID & AST System
  9. Diabetes Care - BD Magni-Guide™ Scale Magnifier (Magnifies the markings on the syringe 1.7 times.), BD Safe-Clip™ Needle Clipping Device (Device for safe disposal of insulin syringe needles.), BD Ultra-Fine™ Lancet (The thinnest lancet (30G) in the Indian market. Fits on most Lancet devices.), BD Ultra-FIne™ Pen Needles (5mm, 31 gauge needle for the insulin pens)
  10. 2pc Disposable Syringes - BD 2 Pc 2ml Discardit II™ Syringe (With and W/O Needle), BD 2 Pc 10ml Discardit II™ Syringe (With and W/O needle), BD 2 Pc 20ml Discardit II™ Syringe (With and W/O needle), BD 2 Pc 5ml Discardit II™ Syringe (With and W/O Needle)
  11. Intravenous Cannulas - BD Insyte - W™ (Straight IV cannula with wings, made of Vialon biomaterial), BD Neoflon™ Cannula (Straight IV Cannula for paediatric / neonatal use), BD Venflon Pro™ (BD™ Vialon biomaterial)

Financially company is among the top 3 players in the devices space, behind Wipro and GE. In the FY2016, it clocked the total revenue of over Rs. 720 crore with operating profit of nearly Rs. 68 crore. Other income was Rs. 4 crore. With Interest and Depreciation at Rs. 4 crore and Rs. 23 crore respectively, PBT was Rs. 44 crore. PAT was nearly Rs. 28 crore. Debt was less than Rs. 7 crore

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