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Issue Date:04 June 2017     Price in Rs. R 6500    Price in USD. $ 100

Ludhiana, Punjab based Doctor Seeds Pvt Ltd was incorporated on 27 January 1998. The company is in this business of agricultural inputs, chiefly seeds.  


It is a closely held, family owned company with 4 directors: Jasminder Singh Punia, Dr Rajinder Singh Punia, Rajwant Kaur and Jagdeep Singh. The main promoter is Dr RS Punia, an agriculture technocrat with two years research fellowship in one of the top agriculture Universities of Japan.


Doctor Seeds has approximately 170 hybrids, O.P. & selection varieties developed on its own R & D base and handling about 25 vegetable crops. It has since included field crops also into its fold on the strength of its continuous efforts in research and development.


For the year ended Mar’16, the company reported revenue of Rs 229m  (~USD 3.5m) and a net profit of Rs 34m. While after around 2 decades of existence, the company has remained small, it is a well run company. EBITDA margins are consistently in mid teens, and the company has declared net profit consistently; balance sheet is light with no debt.


For the company of its size, Doctor Seeds has a credible R&D setup. Its house R & D Centre is recognized by the Govt. of India.  Approximately 95% of its products are result of its inhouse R & D Centre.

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