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Franco-Indian Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. (FIPPL), one of the well-known Indian Mumbai based in Mumbai, was founded in 1949.

FIPPL has a nationwide presence with sales and marketing infrastructure spread across the country. It has more than 2000 employees, 23 C&F Agents and nearly 1600 Distributors. Marketing team strength is around 1300. It is present in wide range of therapeutic segments - OHAs, Respiratory, Hepatoprotective, Gynaecological, Paediatric, Antioxidants and Dermatologicals, with brands available in all the formats, excluding injections
Company has various milestones to its name, in which it was a pioneer:

  • ORAL PENICILLIN V - The first oral Penicillin introduced in India.
  • CORTISONE - The first Steroid introduced in India.
  • METFORMIN - The best and most economical treatment for Diabetes.
  • LAVIEST - India's first live Yeast preparation.
  • MELANOCYL - For the treatment of PSORIASIS and VITILIGO.
  • CEMITIDINE FRANCO-INDIAN - India's first H1 receptor antagonist.
  • LACTISYN - India's first Probiotic.
  • MIXCAROTIN - India's first Mixcarotenoid preparation.

Launch Brands
After launch, FIPPL, started marketing various brands through prescription route, which were focused on vitamins / supplements segment

  • NEVROVITAMINE 4 ‘Adults'
  • NEVROVITAMINE 4 'Children'

Key Brands in domestic formulation segment

  • Among the top 5 brands, It's top selling brand is DEXORANGE (Hematinic), which is among the top 10 brands in the Indian market. Brand sales is more than Rs. 200 crores and enjoys great equity among both doctors and consumers
  • It's second largest brand is GLYCIPHAGE Range (Anti-diabetic), which is also among the top 5 brands in the metformin segment. Brand sales is around Rs. 100 crore
  • Third largest brand is GRILINCTUS range(Cough preparation) - brand sales is around Rs. 70 crore
  • Fourth placed brand is SURFAZ SN (Dermatological) - used for fungal infection, itching etc.. more than Rs. 30 crore brand
  • Fifth largest brand is SORBILINE (Digestive and Liver disorders). This brand sales is around Rs. 20 crores

Manufacturing facility
Manufacturing activity of the company is conducted at three key plants:

  • Laboratoires Griffon (earlier Laboratoires Grimault), which handles the formulations for Anti-diabetics and Hepato-protective options.
  • WARDEX PHARMACEUTICALS PVT. LTD. which manufactures Dexorange Syrup, Grilinctus and Grilinctus BM Syp/Tabs/Paed with satellite units in Kolkata in West Bengal, Sahibabad in Uttar Pradesh and Chennai in Tamil Nadu.
  • FRANCO-INDIAN REMEDIES PVT. LTD. at Chennai for tablet manufacturing.

FIPPL began export division in early 80's and today exports formulations to more than 15 countries globally, including countries in Asia and Africa, through its worldwide distribution network.

In the FY2016, it clocked the total revenue of nearly Rs. 627 crore with operating profit amounting to nearly Rs. 38 crore. Other income was Rs. 12.5 crore. With Interest and Depreciation at Rs. 1 crore and Rs. 5 crore respectively, PBT was Rs. 45 crore. PAT was around Rs. 30 crore. Total debt in FY16 stood at Rs. 6 crore.

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