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Delhi based Dharampal Premchand Ltd is a leading player in the chewing tobacco business, where it sells under the brand Baba. The company also claims presence in other FMCG areas like cigarettes, mouth fresheners, confectionaries, deodorants, premium gulab jal to 100% pure multipurpose oils.


The company is planning to get into confectionery for which it has set up a plant in t Guwahati in Assam. The company has also setting up a Tissue Paper converting plant in Guwahati to provide facial and hand tissues in consumer packs.


The company was incorporated on 06 April 1972, but it traces it origins to 1929, when the business was founded by Mr Dharampal, also the founder of the larger company Dharampal Satyapal Limited. Satyapal and Premchand appear to be two sons of Mr Dharampal.Premchand joined the business in 1950, and was the first CMD of the company.


For the year ended Mar’16, the company reported revenue of INR 5.30(~USD 84m) and net profit of INR 380m (USD6m).


It is a closely held, family owned public limited company, with 10 directors: Raghav Kumar, Amit Gupta, Ritesh Kumar, Ravinder Kumar, Raj Kumar Kakrania, Anup Kumar Kamal, Gaurav Gupta, Kalyani Singh, Surendra Kumar Gupta, Pradeep Kumar Singhi.

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