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Issue Date:04 July 2017     Price in Rs. R 6500    Price in USD. $ 100

Better known as Byju’s, Think & Learn Pvt Ltd is rapidly emerging as India’s leading online education play for K-12 students. In what is currently labelled as ‘Ed-Tech’, Byju’s is the leading star, having raise Rs 7B (~USD110m) in funding, over 5 rounds. The company was valued at Rs 38B (~USD600m) in its last round of fund raise, in Mar’17. At this point, Byju’s claims to have 8 million users and 400,000 annual paid subscribers.


Its inorganic activity has picked up in recent times. After acquiring several struggling startups via aquihires, it has now acquired the struggling Tutorvista and Edurite businesses from global publishing giant Pearson.


The company was incorporated on 30 November 2011. It has 5 directors: Byju Raindran, Riju Ravindran, Divya Gokulnath, Riju Ravindran and nominee directors G Venkataraman Ravishan and Vivian Wu. Byju, the founder is now worth more than Rs 10B, given the


For the year ended Mar’16, the company reported revenue of INR 1.1B (~USD 17m) and net loss of INR 495m (USD7.6m). EBITDA margin was -43%. The company has been making losses in its quest for rapid growth. In FY17, it is believed to have crossed revenue of Rs 2B, and has come close to breakeven. 

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