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Delhi based Continental Milkose (India) Ltd is a food processing company, with main focus in malted beverages and dairy products. The company has also entered extruded cereal based products and fortified nutrition products. Most of its products are targeted at children.


In malted food, its brand is Milkose, under which it has several types of plain and fortified powders to be added to milk. In Dairy products, the company sells liquid milk and milk powders. Here its brands are Gold Milk and Kirti (for White Butter and Ghee).


In cereal based products, the company makes Weaning Food. The company also makes Double Fortified Salt – salt fortified with iodine and iron.


The limited company was incorporated in Oct’92. The company has 6 directors Deepak Agarwal, Nirmala Devi Agarwal, Japna Choudhary, Imjung Allong Nokdir, Jyoti Gupta and Deepa.


During FY16, the company reported revenues of Rs 2.7B (USD 42m) and profit after tax of Rs 10 m (USD 0.13 m).

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