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Kolkata based Sunrise Foods Pvt Ltd (SFPL) is in the spices business. It manufactures spices, blended spices, papad and mustard oil. The company has 4 geographically dispersed manufacturing facilities at Kolkata, Agra, Jaipur, Bikaner. It has distribution ability to most parts of India. The products are mainly sold under the Sunrise brand, which was registered in 1953


The private limited company came about in 1975. The company is still 100% family owned. Sunrise currently has 7 directors:  Anand Prakash Sharma (managing director), Gaurav Sharma, Shailendra Prakash Sharma, Arvind Prakash Sharma, Anoop Prakash Sharma, Amit Prakash Sharma and Abhishek Prakash Sharma.


In FY2016, Sterling Agro reported revenues of Rs 3.4B (USD53m) and a net profit of Rs 292m (USD4.5m).

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