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Issue Date:Oct 29 2018 12:00AM     Price in Rs. R 7000    Price in USD. $ 100

Delhi based U B S Publishers Distributors Pvt Ltd (UPSPD) is among the top ten publishers and distributors of educational publications in India. It claims to be the biggest book distributor in India. It distributes 75,000 titles for over 250 distributors.


UBSPD own titles are general interest books on subjects cooking, personal finance, economy, management, self help, health, beauty etc.


While the business started in 1963, the limited company was set up in 1969. It has 4 directors – Anshul Chawla (managing director), Ravindra Kumar Sharma, Gagan Mehta, Mayuri Nayyar Chawla.


In fiscal 2017, UBSPD reported revenue of Rs 2.81B (~USD 41m) and profit after tax of Rs 2m.


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  • Company Background
  • Business Highlights
  • Financial Performance
  • Financial Details


  • Board of Directors
  • Financial Summary
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
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