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Issue Date:15 May 2019     Price in Rs. R 7000    Price in USD. $ 100

Vadodara head quartered Kutch Chemical Industries Limited is a speciality chemical company that makes intermediates used in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, plasticizers and dyes sector. It has 3 plant in Gujarat with a total installed capacity of 428,000 tons per annum. The company has expertise in chemical processes like Chlorination, Nitration, Sulphonation, Ethoxylation, Ammonolysis & Hydrogenation. As a backward integration step, the company is setting up a chlor-alkali plant with a capacity of 127,750 tons.


Kutch Chemical Industries was founded in 2002. It has 6 directors – Shivlal Goyal (MD), Kailash Chander Goyal, Jai Prakash, Naresh Vijaykumar Goyal, Kanta Shivlal Goyal and Atul Gupta. The registered office of the company is in New Delhi.


Visen reported of Rs 7.8B in FY18 (USD110m); with an EBITDA margin of around 14%.


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