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Issue Date:24 July 2019     Price in Rs. R 7000    Price in USD. $ 100

Delhi based Lite Bite Foods Private Limited (Lite Bite) is the restaurant business of Amit Burman, of the Dabur group. Lite Bite manages 13 owned restaurant brands, 7 managed brands, and has around 180 outlets including some in subsidiary companies. Some of its own brands are Punjab Grill, Baker Street and Street Foods. Among its managed brands, it has outlets for KfC, Burger King, Subway and Pizza Hut.


Lite Bite was incorporated in 2002. It has 4 directors – Amit Burman (chairman), Abhay Kumar Agarwal, Rohit Aggarwal, Pritam Das Narang.


For the year ended Mar’19, Lite Bite reported revenue of around INR 3B with an EBITDA margin of 6%.


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