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Issue Date:Mar 7 2015 12:00AM     Price in Rs. R 6000    Price in USD. $ 100

With FY14 revenue of Rs 1200 crore (Rs 12b), Patanjali Ayurveda Limited (PAL) has rapidly emerged as one of India’s largest Ayurveda companies.


Having started in 2006, the company has grown at a CAGR of over 80% over FY09-FY14. FY14 revenue growth was around 42%, a reflection of the challenges of growing on a higher base.


Neverthelesss, it is a remarkable achievement considering its parentage. It is backed by people who would seemingly be out of place in a business environment. PAL’s inspiration is Baba Ramdev, a reknowned Yoga and fitness guru, who commands a vast following in North India. But the Baba has no direct ownership of the company. The shareholding is held by an Ayurveda ‘Acharya’, schooled in traditional Gurukul sytem of education.


As per media reports, the company is set to grow over 60% in FY15 as well, to cross Rs 2000 crore revenue, from a base of Rs 1200 crore in FY13.

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