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Issue Date:15 March 2015     Price in Rs. R 6000    Price in USD. $ 100

Katra Phytochem Pvt Ltd (Katra) commenced in 1996 with a vision of giving global scale and acceptability to value added Natural products from India.

Its focus is on a integrated value chain comprising of Non GMO seed production, cultivation based on a strict IPM format through farmer networking, post-harvest processing, separate  and concentration of active principle through processes like anaerobic fermentation, dehydration, & solvent extraction.

Katra has emerged as a key supplier of Lutein, a herbal API extract of marigold flower. Lutein finds use in therapeutic applications related to eye care. It also sells its byproducts, both of which are largely exported.

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  • Katra Phytochem Pvt Ltd
  • Kerala Ayurveda Limited
  • Ayusante Healthcare Pvt Ltd