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Issue Date:20 June 2016     Price in Rs. R 6500    Price in USD. $ 100

Permali Wallace is a Bhopal based manufacturer of Polymeric Composites and Insulation Materials. It was established in 1961 in Technical and Financial collaboration with Permali Limited, Gloucester, U.K. and Chase Lowe & Co., Manchester, U.K.


Its product range can be broadly described as ranging from wood Veneer based Components, glass reinforced composites SMC &  DMC moulded components, epoxy resin castings, cotton fabric composites, composites using combination of both glass and wood compreg, other composites using high tech fibres like polyester, kevlar, etc


Its customers are major Heavy Electrical Equipment manufacturers in India as well as to the Indian Railways and various Defense Factories.


An expansion program in FY13/FY13 seems to have gone wrong. The company which was making decent profits till then, with EBITDA margin of 20% till FY12, and net profit margins of close to 10%, suddenly saw a sharp dip in profitability,  and a net loss in the next two years. The company appears to have also fallen behind in its ability to service loans, with a current rating of ‘D’ or default by ICRA.

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